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Interesting projects

Construction Staking

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This picture shows what it’s like to build in the mountains!  A typical daylight basement lot, such as this one, takes a lot of cutting!  Batter boards on steep lots such as this one are not very fun to use, so we came in and pinned the footings so that the block/concrete walls could be placed exactly where they need to go.

East Asheville Kudzo . . .

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This pipe was hard to find!! After a long and difficult boundary survey in East Asheville and hours of cutting through the Kudzo, we finally found the missing corner!  Persistence pays off!  If you have missing corners or lost lines, call us today and we’ll do what it takes to find them!

Historic Hendersonville

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We love surveying in beautiful downtown Hendersonville.  With all the wonderful weather we have been having lately (aka blizzards, snow, ice, etc.) it was great to work on a beautiful sunny day.  This project was a fun one.  We had to put together not only a survey, but a site plan for a lovely old building that is being renovated.  Site plans typically include locating all existing utilities, drives, parking, and landscaping, seeing what you have, figuring out what you need to have for the City and then putting it all together.  With the complex zoning regulations that most municipalities have in place these days, it’s important that your surveyor know what is needed to get your project from paper to reality.  Call us today and we’ll do the work you need to succeed!

131 steps and counting . . .

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As surveyors, we are used to locating corners, staking out houses and drawing maps.  It’s not everyday we get to play on the lake!  This project was on Lake Lure and we had to locate a dock that is slated for expansion.  There were 131 steps from dock to house and suffice it to say – we are still trying to catch our breath.  Do you need help with a unique project?  Call us today and we will climb up – or down – to get you the information you need!


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