Land Surveying for Asheville, Hendersonville, Brevard, Waynesville, Lake Lure and all of Western North Carolina

Construction Stakeout and As-built Surveys

Sewer Manhole construction stake

Sewer Manhole construction stake

Construction stakeout surveys calculate and then mark on the ground both the horizontal and vertical positions of a structure that is to be constructed.  For example, the picture on the left shows a typical grade stake for a sewer manhole.  The stake itself shows where the manhole is to be located horizontally and the information found on the stake tells the contractor where it should be vertically.  In this case, the rim of the manhole needs to be 1′ lower than the line that is marked on the stake.

At Kilpatrick Land Surveying, we are able to take the design of the engineer or architect and get it “off the print” and into the ground.  By working closely with design professionals and contractors, we are able to make your design dreams a reality.

We also perform “as-built” surveys.  Sometimes individuals want to know exactly what they have in order to do a redesign or update an existing project.  If they do not have accurate drawings, we are able to come in and measure everything that is existing and provide this to the design professional ensuring that the job is accurate from the start.  As-builts can range from entire subdivision projects to individual buildings to rooms within buildings to actual utility layouts within building structures.  We do it all accurately and on time.


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